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Accident Protector

Medical insurance policy that covers motor vehicle accidents and injury on duty...

Hospital Plan

Covers the GAP between your medical aid and your doctor charge...

Hospital Plan

The Ultimate Hospital Plan.


Being hospitalised can be a stressful experience that often leads to ...

Hospital Plan

Tariff gap cover plan to compliment your medical aid option

Funeral Plan

Ensures the financial burden of losing a loved one is covered...

Medical Plan

Tariff gap cover plan with a funeral plan and HospiCash benefits...

Rescue Me

Insurance policy that covers emergency evacuation by road or air ambulance...

About the Company

It has always been said that Health is Wealth, and at Prosperity Life, we apply this under the ethos of Protecting Well-Being, because by protecting well-being, we ensure that your health, as well as your wealth, is protected. Not only do you want to be assured that your health is taken care of, but you also want to have peace of mind knowing that you have invested in your health and healthcare with with an experienced and reliable Namibian health insurance company. With Prosperity Life’s range of health insurance packages, you will have several options of insurance plans, so that you can ensure the full coverage of your family’s medical care. Whether you take out one comprehensive hospital plan, or whether you take more than one different package that complement each other to create an inclusive health insurance plan, which covers all aspects of medical care. 

Prosperity Lifecare Insurance Limited is a proudly fully Namibian-owned accredited long-term financial services provider, and a subsidiary company of the Prosperity Group. Prosperity Group has 25 years of experience in the health insurance and medical benefit management industry in Namibia. Prosperity Life specialises in insurance policies that are unique to the healthcare needs of all Namibians. Positioned as a niche market player, Prosperity Life offers risk underwriting and a variety of medical insurance plans. Policies on offer range from major medical insurance, excess of loss cover, tariff gap cover plans to medical evacuation and funeral plans. Regardless of your life’s path, Prosperity Life has the ideal insurance policy for you, whether you need a basic hospital plan combined with optional MedBux to cover day-to-day medical expenses that are not otherwise covered by your policy, or whether you want essential health insurance cover in the event of a medical emergency, or are in need of a funeral policy. Prosperity Life will meet all your personal needs to cover you and your family.

Prosperity Life, as a proudly local Namibian company, prides itself in delivering the best possible customer service to the people of Namibia. Our aim is that our policyholders get the best possible experience out of their medical insurance plans, both in terms of product quality and standard of customer service. The Prosperity vision is Protecting Well-Being, and this includes physical, mental, economic, and social well-being  which will allow us to sustain and grow the prosperity of the policyholders, families and communities we serve. Allow us to help you protect your well-being, and contact us for more information on our medical insurance policies, or request a quote today! Let us help you find the perfect health insurance package for you.

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