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Hospicash 100

Being hospitalised can be a stressful experience that often leads to unforeseen financial strain. The HospiCash benefit provides you with an additional cash payout while hospitalised. This way, you can recover stress-free, knowing that your non-medical costs are covered. HospiCash can be taken as a top-up benefit to your existing medical aid fund or health insurance cover.

From N$ 93 per month

What's included ?

Hospicash Benefit

The benefit pays out to the policyholder in the event that the principal insured or registered beneficiary is hospitalised for three or more continuous days. Each separate hospital admission is classified as a separate event.

Complementary Cover

HospiCash 100 includes, emergency medical evacuation services, and a Funeral Plan cover which are complementary to the Hospicash 100

How Does it Work?

HospiCash 100 pays out N$ 2,250 per day in the ICU, N$ 1,500 Per day in High Care Ward and N$ 750 Per Day in General Ward. All Payments are from the 3rd full day of Hospitalisation.

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