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A world with access to good quality healthcare coverage for everyone is one we all wish to live in, but for health systems to work, they must work for everyone, no matter who they are, where they live, or how much money they have. There are many barriers to accessing all-inclusive health care, and these barriers mostly affect the most vulnerable, along with women, children and adolescents.

In 2012, The United Nations called on all nations to sign a resolution that would ensure that all citizens are provided with affordable, quality healthcare. This date is celebrated on the 12th of December annually by the World Health Organisation and has become a global movement that has multi-stakeholders and advocates endorsing this day by raising their voices in support of universal health coverage for all.

The theme for this year’s UHC is “Build the world we want; A healthy future for all’. This theme not only encompasses nation building, but allows stories to be shared of the millions of people who do not have access to global healthcare around the world. For a systematic health for all campaign to have success, it needs the unity of leaders and advocacy groups to give a voice to the many stories of people who still struggle to get quality healthcare. As such, the call of this campaign also focuses on leaders who have the power, encouraging them to make smarter investments in healthcare.

Namibia has a much better healthcare infrastructure when compared to other countries in Africa. The level of care found in the private medical sector is of superior quality as there is a better healthcare infrastructure with significant facilities and services available in Windhoek. The Ministry of Health has stated its intention to maximise investment options to start providing affordable health services in the country under the Universal Healthcare (UHC) plan in the upcoming years.

Why is quality healthcare coverage important?

Health coverage is very important for individuals and families. According to a report on the importance of healthcare, studies have shown that coverage improves access to care and contributes to lower death rates; supports positive health outcomes and helps to improve productivity; boosts an individual’s sense of their own health and well-being; beneficiaries get incentives for the appropriate use of health care resources; and reduces financial strain on individuals, families and communities by reducing out-of-pocket spending in case of emergencies and sudden accidents.

Why should Prosperity Health be your first healthcare cover choice?

With extensive experience in the medical aid field for over 25 years, Prosperity Health prides itself on being one of the best medical aids in Namibia. With its prime focus being on the Namibian population at large, it is not only empathetic to the healthcare values of Namibians but it ensures that their emotional, social, and physical wellbeing are catered for with the utmost passion. 

As a premier group of companies it has various subsidiaries that specialise in healthcare management such as:

RMA which is an open, private medical aid for all Namibians which prides itself in its accessibility and affordability. Whether you are starting out a career, or have established yourself as a professional and have a family, RMA has the best cover options that can cater to you through all phases of your life. RMA is committed to putting your health first.

GEMHEALTH Medical Scheme and Napotel Medical Aid Fund are closed medical covers that offer comprehensive healthcare cover for employees and stakeholders of various companies in Namibia.

Be part of this year’s Universal Health Coverage by choosing medical care cover that will suit you and your family’s lifestyle and budget needs. There are many options to choose from in Prosperity’s healthcare medical aid funds. By choosing healthcare cover you are not only giving yourself peace of mind in case of emergencies like car accidents or hospitalisation, but you also ensure that your family’s basic health needs are catered for every day.


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