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Prosperity Lifecare Insurance Limited is a proudly Namibian long-term financial services provider and a subsidiary of the Prosperity Group. We have 25 years of experience in the health insurance and medical benefit management industry in Namibia and specialise in providing policies that are tailored to the unique healthcare requirements of all Namibians.

Our plans

Accident protector:

It provides cover in the event of a motor vehicle accident, injury on duty with emergency transportation by road or air, including hospital medical treatment resulting from a reported motor vehicle accident or injury on duty. 

3-in-1 Combo

This option is a combination of the best features from the Complimed Plus, HospiCash and Funeral Plan products at a reduced premium for complete peace of mind.


Being hospitalised for illness and injury can be a stressful experience that often leads to unforeseen non-medical costs. HospiCash provides you with an additional cash pay-out while in the hospital. Note that HospiCash can be added as a top-up benefit to your existing medical aid fund or medical insurance cover. Currently only available to Complimed GAP for PSEMAS members.

Oxygen hospital plan

The Oxygen Medical Plan is a uniquely designed medical insurance plan. Oxygen provides cover for hospitalisation, operations and procedures from the first day of admission at the insured rate. It covers emergencies and after-hours admission to hospital. Oxygen offers a 20% No Claim Bonus if you did not have a claim against your insurance plan during a benefit year. 

There is also an optional MEDBUX day-to-day Cover Option for day-to-day medical expenses.

This plan is perfect for young professionals starting out in the world.

Funeral plan

We understand the financial burden that goes with the loss of a loved one. The Funeral Plan options offer your family the financial assistance for the funeral and/or payment of costs that are incurred during this time of mourning. Our Funeral Plan is available exclusively to existing Prosperity Life policyholders as an insurance add-on.

Complimed PSEMAS GAP

This is an insurance product specifically designed to complement PSEMAS. It covers the gap between what your medical aid covers and the fees charged by private hospitals and specialists.

Complimed GAP Plus

Complimed GAP Plus is an insurance policy designed to complement your medical aid fund. It covers the difference between what your medical aid fund pays and what doctors and specialists charge for treatment in Private hospitals (this means the excess in tariff charged), at the Rate Insured.

This product is not related to the Complimed GAP cover available for PSEMAS members.

Rescue Me

Provides cover in the event of emergency medical transportation by road ambulance or air ambulance. Rescue provides full cover within the territory as defined and coverage includes the services rendered by any registered evacuation service in the region. 

Rescue me offers Policyholders peace of mind in a life or death situation that necessitates emergency transportation. This policy also includes International Travel insurance cover.

Our Mobile App

In everything we do, we strive to make your life easier. Introducing Prosperity Connect! As a health insurance provider, we are client-centered; therefore, this was a natural avenue for us to go down. The app is packed with functionality and allows you to do so much more, all from the palm of your hand.

Prosperity Connect is a more straightforward way of managing your benefits. You can manage your benefits on the go – right from your phone. So, stay on top of your membership – it’s never been easier!

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