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Oxygen is a medical aid plan that is specifically geared towards young professionals. This month we answer your frequently asked questions about the plan.

Why do I need medical aid? I’m still young!

As a young professional just starting in the job market, you may feel invincible. But you can become ill or need medical care sometimes, just like your more experienced co-workers. That’s where Oxygen Hospital Plan 2022 comes in!

What makes Oxygen different?

Oxygen is a uniquely designed medical insurance plan. It covers hospitalisation, operations and medical procedures.

What do I get access to?

Under the Oxygen Unlimited plan, you will get unlimited access to the following:

  • Private hospitals, including sub-acute/step down facilities in lieu of hospitalisation
  • State hospitals 
  • Consultations, treatment and services
  • Blood transfusions
  • Radiology, pathology and physiotherapy 
  • Maternity services
  • Eye surgery 
  • Surgical procedures in rooms and unattached theatres
  • Trauma-related treatment

When does cover kick in?

From the first day of admission at the insured value.

Do I still have to pay an excess when going to hospital?

The In-Hospital Insured Cover is the core option of the Oxygen Medical Insurance Plan. No excess or deposit is required for emergencies and after-hour admissions to hospital. 

Where will the money be paid to?

You have the option of Oxygen paying directly to you or the hospital of your choice in Namibia and the Territory as defined. 

What happens if I don’t claim?

The Oxygen in-hospital cover has an inclusive NO CLAIM REWARD PROGRAMME that will pay back 20% of your annual premium in cash, should you, the policyholder, or your insured beneficiaries not incur any claims against your overall sum insured. This excludes claims to your MEDBUX balance.

What are MEDBUX?

Day-to-day Cover Option for day-to-day medical expenses. Includes out-of-hospital medical services such as doctors’ visits and medication, as well as other auxiliary services. 

Do I need to have MEDBUX?

No, it is totally up to you whether you want to add the feature or not.

How much does MEDBUX cost me?

It depends on the level of cover that you have selected. 

How does MEDBUX work?

The MEDBUX plan acts as a medical ‘wallet’ with an available balance. 

  • For example, suppose you have selected MEDBUX level 1, at 200 Namibian dollars per month for 12 months. In that case, you will receive a total of 2400 Namibian dollars in advance to be used for day-to-day medical cover. 
  • Therefore, you will have the complete balance available to you from the start of the benefit year so that you may allocate the funds to various day-to-day medical expenses as you wish. 

What if I don’t use all my MEDBUX? Will I lose it?

You will not lose any of your MEDBUX balance at the end of the benefit year. If there is money remaining in your MEDBUX balance at the end of the year, it will roll over to be used in the following benefit year.


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