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Download the Prosperity Connect App Today!

In everything we do, we strive to make your life easier. Introducing Prosperity Connect! As a health insurance provider, we are client-centered; therefore, this was a natural avenue for us to go down. The app is packed with functionality and allows you to do so much more, all from the palm of your hand.

Prosperity Connect is a more straightforward way of managing your benefits. You can manage your benefits on the go – right from your phone. So stay on top of your membership – it’s never been easier!

How to download the Prosperity Connect App

1. To get the app, simply go to either Google Play or the App Store. Then, tap on ‘Download’, and your journey begins!

2. Enter your membership number and dependent code using your date of birth and (+264) mobile number

3. Wait for the one-time PIN (OTP) to be sent to you via SMS, and then enter the code on your app.

4. Create your personal 4-digit PIN to complete your registration.

Elements of the app:

My Profile

Here you can easily change your details—no need for phone calls or emails.

Membership Card

Simply select it to display your card. If you have forgotten or misplaced your card, this can be a lifesaver!

My Dependents

View your dependents.

My Benefits

Under the benefits tab, you will get detailed information on where you stand. It includes day-to-day, hospital, wellness, and under “additional options”, there is an exceptionally detailed layout of any possible plans you belong to. Here you can check your balances as well.

My Claims

This is one of the strongest features of the app! You can check how much has been paid out in claims and also check individual claims. You will be able to see a claim number, amount and date. If you want any more details, just click on the drop-down, and all your details will be specified.

Join the Prosperity community in using the convenient, free app!


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