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Emergencies happen!

It does not matter how careful you are or how prepared you are; emergencies happen. In the case of an emergency, medical aid is indispensable. You will get the fastest and best care possible. But what if an emergency involves emergency medical evacuation or transportation? Will you be covered, and if so, how much coverage is there?

What do ambulances cost?

For example, in Windhoek in 2019, the prices for ambulance services were increased by 5.6%: The basic life support service in urban areas for non-medical aid fund patients for up to 45 minutes has increased from N$1 180 to N$1 246, and to N$1 632 for up to 60 minutes.

Non-medical aid fund patients who utilise ambulances for intermediate life support in urban areas will pay N$1 661 for up to 45 minutes, and every 15 minutes after that, where especially motivated, the services will cost N$543.

Patients who belong to a medical aid fund will pay N$1 314 for up to 45 minutes of using ambulance services in terms of basic life support in urban areas, and up to 60 minutes will cost them N$1 720. For every 15 minutes after that, where especially motivated, it will cost an additional N$422.

What is Rescue Me?

Rescue Me offers policyholders peace of mind in a life-or-death situation that necessitates emergency transportation. Rescue Me provides cover in the event of emergency medical transportation by road ambulance or air ambulance. It provides full coverage within the territory as defined, and coverage includes the services rendered by any registered evacuation service provider within the region. You can rest assured knowing that in the event of emergency transportation, you will be covered.

What does that mean?

According to the policy, you are covered up to N$500,000 in the event of an emergency. That means emergency evacuation by air or road within the territory as defined. And all this for only N$98 a month! The affordability and the possible consequences of not having the cover make it essential.

You also get international travel benefits (travel notification and validation required) included in the price. This means you will have medical cover in the event of a medical emergency while travelling. See here for more detailed information.

Important Information

You must call our 24-hour call assistant line to validate claims above N$5,000 before you incur the expense: +27 11 991 8914. In emergency situations where the policyholder cannot obtain prior validation due to the policyholder being unconscious or admitted to ICU, the policyholder or family members must contact our call assistant line within 24 hours to avoid repudiation of claims.

International Travel Insurance – Age Limit

The cover is provided to an Insured Person under the age of 80 years on the date of loss. No cover is provided regarding an Insured Person 70 years of age or older, relating to a Pre-existing medical condition.

No cover is provided regarding an Insured Person 66 years of age or older, relating to any cardiac or cardiovascular or vascular or cerebrovascular illness or conditions or sequelae thereof or complications that can reasonably be related to that, whether pre-existing or not.

Current Participating Groups

Rescue Me currently provides coverage to some 30 000 policyholders. The following Medical Aid Funds and organisations currently use the Rescue Me product: Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund, Namdeb Medical Aid Scheme, Heritage Health, Roads Contractor Medical Aid Fund, Napotel Medical Scheme and Private Members.

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