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Accident Protector is a first line of cover insurance policy underwritten by Prosperity Lifecare Insurance Limited. This policy provides cover in the event of a motor vehicle accident, injury on duty, or emergency transportation by road or air, including hospital medical treatment resulting from a reported motor vehicle accident or injury on duty. Accident Protector offers policyholders peace of mind in a life-or-death situation.

An accident is defined as “an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.” That is precisely why you need medical aid for those unexpected and unforeseen incidents.

When you take out an Accident Protector plan, you get the following if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident or have been injured on duty:



  • Private Hospitalisation (including medicines, materials, hospital apparatus, and seven days take out medication)
  • Accommodation in a general ward, high care, or ICU on clinical approval.
  • Provincial hospitals (including medicines, materials, hospital apparatus, and seven days take out medication)
  • Consultations including treatment, procedures, and all services
  • Blood transfusion
  • Radiology, including specialised radiology and pathology

The sum insured per family is N$1000,000 and N$500,000 per person. That means that one person under the cover can have treatment up to N$500,000 and that altogether, for a family, there is cover of up to a million dollars.


In the event of the insured person’s death due to a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) OR injury on duty, there will be a pay-out of N$10,000 per person.


Emergency evacuation and rescue services

Learn more about our day-to-day benefits here.

An occupational disease or injury is simply any disease or injury that is contracted as a result of work or working conditions. According to the World Health Organisation, 100 million workers are injured each year in occupational accidents; also, 68 – 157 million new cases of occupational diseases are attributed to hazardous exposures or workloads. 

As an employer, it is absolutely vital to have insurance for your employees, as our case study shows:

Mavis is an admin assistant at Ron Sterling Office Supplies. Every day she must brave the road to work, taking three different taxies to get from her home to the office in a business park in Windhoek. Usually, when she got to work, she would sit at her desk and commence her duties, but one day her manager needed her to accompany her superior (Andrea) in delivering a parcel. Mavis agreed readily as the day had been a slow one.

They had just completed their delivery when tragedy struck. A driver skipped a red light on John Meinert street and caused a snowball of crashes involving three vehicles, including Mavis and Andrea. The crash involved a taxi, a sedan, and a pick-up bakkie with a combined number of 25 people. Both Mavis and Andrea were seriously injured and had to get extensive medical help. They both recovered fully, and this was in no small part due to Accident Protector.

A few months before this, their manager had been in an accident himself, and the cost to the company was enormous. After that, he contacted Prosperity Life and got all his employees on the Accident Protector plan. He wanted to make sure that his employees were taken care of in the event of a motor vehicle accident or workplace injury.

Due to Prosperity Life’s Accident Protector, both Mavis and Andrea were well cared for and did not need to pay a cent. Contact us for more information on how Accident Protector can help you—and your employees.


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